Homemade stand for living room wall

The method of decorating the interior of premises in the form of living walls from plants is gaining more and more popularity recently. Vertical gardening is used both in homes and office premises. Such compositions not only enliven the room, but also significantly save its space.

A large number of plants saturate the room with oxygen and improve their microclimate. There are other useful properties of a living wall, however, the cost of its design by florists from specialized companies can be very high. To save a significant amount of financial resources will allow independent production of a vertical rack for plants.

There are a lot of options for arranging vertical gardening of the apartment, so we will consider the most affordable for home masters. Racks have a different design and planting principle, which provides them with certain advantages of mounting or caring for plants.

To create a living wall based on the hydroponic effect, you will need to make a wooden or metal frame, which is fixed in the place chosen for this. Between the frame elements, a web of polymer felt is pulled with many pockets sewn onto it. Plants are planted directly in these pockets.

Another type of plant rack construction is constructed from wooden boards and polypropylene sewer pipes. From the boards, a frame is made, inside which there are gutters for plants in several tiers. Gutters are obtained from sawn along plastic pipes, to the ends of which are plugged. The soil is poured into them and plants are planted.

A very unusual stand for a living wall will turn out from a metal mesh or large rings welded together. Brackets for flowerpots with climbing plants are attached to its lower edge. The rack is hung on the wall, receiving an unusual element of interior decoration.

The traditional designs of uprights for vertical landscaping are like staircases with wide steps. You can use several uprights for installing flowerpots. They are attached simultaneously to the surface of the ceiling and floor, decorating with climbing plants. Racks are made from pipes of round or profile section, and supports under the cache-pot are made of thick metal rod. The material for the stairs can also serve as metal pipes or wood.

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