How to make a flower garden from an old cart with your own hands

Almost every owner of a country house accumulates a lot of unnecessary things that are a pity to throw away. However, if you add a little imagination to them, then you can get very unusual items to decorate the local area. There are many ideas for decorating flower beds, among them the use of an old garbage truck as a flower bed. A similar item is easy to integrate into the landscape, sowing beautiful flowers.

Options for planting flowers in a wheelbarrow are also enough, for example, you can tilt it by "scattering" plants in the flowerbed. The cart should not be masked with tall flowers or enclosed. Its body is decorated with various patterns or tinting compositions. Regular wheels should be replaced with rusty metal, which will undoubtedly give the flowerbed a special look.

Decorating a flower bed with an old trolley is widely used, but it is not always possible to find a suitable item. However, the cart with the desired design can be made with your own hands. Trolleys that can be moved are especially convenient. In this case, it will be easier to care for the plants planted in it and move it to different places in the garden.

Work should begin with the creation of drawings. A suitable design can be selected from photographs on the Internet. The drawings should contain all the necessary dimensions of the parts.

The main material for their manufacture will be wood. Wheels can be picked up from old trolleys, they will look more stylish. If you do not succeed, you will have to make the wheels yourself. For experienced craftsmen, this will not be difficult, and beginners will have to work hard, preferring wooden wheels.

Wooden wheels can be made from round saw cuts of a tree trunk, or from a board with a thickness of at least 5 cm. First, a circle of the required diameter is drawn on the surface of the board. A hole for the axis is immediately drilled in its center. The circumference is cut with an electric jigsaw.

Further, elements of the frame and body of the trolley are made from wooden bars and boards. They are carefully sanded with sandpaper and assembled into a single structure. Fixation of parts is carried out using carpentry glue and screws. After assembly, the trolley must be treated with antiseptic compounds that prevent rotting of wood.

At the final stage, the trolley is decorated with paint of the desired color and installed in the place provided in the garden. A plastic film is placed in the body, soil is poured and plants are planted. The film will create additional protection of the tree from moisture and prevent the formation of dirty streaks when watering the flowers.

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