Compact kids corner with loft and swedish wall at your fingertips

Many people live in small apartments, and therefore know firsthand about the need to save free space. It is necessary that the apartment was comfortable for all family members, including children.

This issue will be solved by the presence of an attic bed, which you can make yourself. To do this, you do not need to have the professional skills of a carpenter - just make a competent drawing and acquire the necessary building materials.

Stages of making a bed

A classic option for an attic bed is a design mounted on four pillars. As supports, you can use both standard legs and a place specially designated for storing baby things. You can save space when installing this type of bed if you equip a workstation for a child under it. There you can install a table, chair, bookshelf and computer. On the side you can attach steps and sports equipment to ensure the child's outdoor activities.

To determine the size of the structure, it is enough to carry out standard calculations. For a comfortable stay, a child with an area of ​​160x70 cm will be enough. The recommended height of the attic bed varies within 120 cm, but this indicator can vary depending on the height of the ceilings and other features of the house.

Materials for making a bed

As the main material, it is recommended to choose a natural tree. It has a high level of strength, durability and environmental friendliness. All wooden parts must be covered with a protective layer of varnish, paint or stain, which will extend the life of the bed and protect it from termites and damage.

At the initial stage, it is necessary to attach two boards to the wall, which will play the role of supporting elements. U-shaped staples need to be fixed on the boards, the distance between which should be 50-60 cm. Transverse logs will be fixed on the brackets, which play the role of supporting elements for the berth.

To assemble the flooring for the bed, it is recommended to use a suitably sized sanded board. It must be durable, which will allow it to support the weight of a sleeping person. After strengthening the structure, you can proceed to the assembly of the stairs.

On two bars of the same length and width, cuts must be cut to fix the steps. It is also worth cutting the ends of the boards at a slight angle to attach them to the bed base. Steps can be made of durable boards by attaching them to the bars using self-tapping screws.

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