How to make a groom's wedding bottle

A wedding table decorated with decorative bottles is not uncommon today. It can be decorated with them all, but more often with bottles decorated for the bride and groom. They are manufactured professionally, making money. With skill, you can decorate them yourself.

For example, a bride’s wedding bottle, like a woman’s one, is made from a bottle of champagne. It is placed in a container of water for 12 hours, after which it is easily released from the side labels. The neck is left covered with a branded sticker.

For the manufacture of a bottle of groom, the following are stocked: oblique black inlay (about 6 m needed); 20 centimeters of oblique white inlay; scissors; dark red narrow ribbon; glue; a rose made of a narrow dark red ribbon; a plastic cap, which in diameter fits the neck of the bottle; scotch tape; semi-pearls of pearl color; cardboard.

First, an imitation of a white shirt is arranged on the bottle. Use for this a slanting white trim. A piece is cut from it, it covers the neck and is crossed on the other side (in front). Landing is done on glue, for example, “Moment”. The ends of a piece of piping may go out a little one after another. Landing a piece of inline is performed not in a circle, but slightly with an inclination towards the front.

Below arrange another same row of inlay, slightly overlapping the first. Then, imitating a black suit, pieces of black inlay are glued to the bottle, bringing their ends in front, one vertical. They also have a slight overlap on the previous one. So continue on the entire top of the bottle, which has a curvature. The lower, even part of it, is wrapped in a continuous black ribbon in a spiral to the very bottom. The beiki planting is always done on glue.

Make a hat. Cut a circle out of cardboard. Inside arrange a hole 2 mm larger than the diameter of the neck. The outer diameter should be such that there are fields 1 cm wide. The resulting ring is wrapped in a completely black ribbon, placing it on it with a spiral. Leave free the end of 2 ... 3 cm.

The prepared edges of the hat are glued to the top of the cork, fixed by gluing the additional remaining end of the tape remaining on them.

A hat cylinder is made. A plastic cap is selected for the diameter of the neck of the bottle. I wrap it with an oblique black trim, covering both the side and the top. The tie is glued to the base. Then the resulting black cylinder is glued with the open end part to the hat fields, which were installed on top of the bottle stopper earlier. The resulting cylinder hat is decorated by fitting a red ribbon over the bottom.

In the upper part of the suit, pieces of black inlay, vertically, at the junctions of their ends, are fixed semi-pearls. They, gluing, imitate buttons.

The groom's suit is decorated with a boutonniere. Use a small rose of red ribbons, which are glued to the left side of the "chest". They finish with the fastening of the butterfly, which is made of a double folded piece of black bequi. In its middle place a white semi-pearl.

A bottle of groom is ready to meet your soul mate!

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