How to make an artificial Christmas tree yourself

New Year's holidays are not complete without a Christmas tree. Old traditions, when the beauty was taken from the forest, are a thing of the past. Increasingly, compatriots, trying to take care of nature, buy artificial trees. Many make them themselves, and from a variety of materials. Adding to the crafts several spruce or pine branches, enjoy the New Year's aroma of pine needles.

A small artificial Christmas tree can be made of cones, which are full under real firs, pine trees in the forest. In addition to them for crafts you will need: brush; spray paint in a spray can; cardboard or heavy paper (for example, whatman paper); glue "Moment".

Cones fit spruce and pine. They, after harvesting, are cleaned. Removing jammed debris, dry well. After laid out on a newspaper and spray painted in gold or silver.

A circular sector is cut out of cardboard, whatman paper, its edges are glued together, forming a cone. He will stand firmly on the ground. The height of the cone is chosen as desired, taking into account the number of cones and their size.

Take the largest cones and, using the "Moment" glue, glue in a circle to the cone in its lower part. On top of the second row of cones and so on to the very top of the frame. At the same time, they reduce the size of the cones used with height.

The existing gaps between the glued cones are filled with smaller ones. A snowflake is reinforced on top of the cone; the bottom is covered with cotton. The surface of the cones is decorated with tinsel, small toys.

You can make an artificial Christmas tree according to another option. It also arranges a frame in the form of a cone made of cardboard, thick paper. Paint its surface using green acrylic paint. Let it dry. Narrow strips of green paper are glued on the surface. They are pre-wound on a pencil and get a curl as a result.

Glue curls to the surface of the cone at one end. Begin to do this from the bottom of the cone with the longest stripes. To the top of the tree, their length is gradually reduced. After pasting the whole cone get a fluffy Christmas tree. The top is decorated with a star cut out of cardboard.

Interesting and unusual looks like a Christmas artificial tree made of ... balloons. Use their green color. Balloons are inflated, achieving different sizes. Then, identical in volume, tightly bind together 4 ... 5 pieces.

Stack balls, arranging floors. Larger ones are used first, then smaller ones. As a result, they get a pyramid. For strength, the floors are fastened together with tape. A ball in the form of a star is mounted on the crown of the resulting Christmas tree. On the sides, balls are decorated with colorful tinsel, small toys are attached to them.

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