Floating bed - an original solution for an apartment

Furniture items, like other things around us, are constantly being improved, changing the appearance and design. As a result, some of them acquired optimal sizes, functions, and a convenient shape.

The same with upholstered furniture. Today it has reached ideal proportions, perfect designs, which need not be changed. New in it appears only in the external design, decor, style.

Differences between modern beds among themselves is in their headboards, shape, material of manufacture. The very same place of sleep remains unchanged and meets current standards. It is difficult to come up with any new ideas in this type of furniture. Moreover, the mattresses, which are mandatory, are standardized and determine the basic sizes of the beds.

Despite the seemingly lack of ways to find new ideas for beds, furniture designers find unexpected solutions for her. One of them is a soaring berth.

Externally, a hovering bed differs from ordinary ones in the absence of visible supports. To the person who looks at her, she seems to be a structure floating in the air. Of course, there are supporting parts for the sleeping bed, only their design and placement are made so that the elements are invisible from the side.

The soaring effect is emphasized by the backlight, which is often placed below the bed. Its task is to brightly illuminate a non-standard bedside space so that the attention of the person looking at the bed is focused on it.

The entire design of a soaring berth with a mattress is placed on supports having powerful cantilever arms. Their secrecy is achieved by moving away from the outer edge of the bed, the size of which depends on the size of the bedroom and is taken 30 or more centimeters. In addition, the rigidity of the structure is ensured by its fastening with anchor bolts to the wall, floor.

Given the heavy loads, the bed frame is made of durable materials. Its head is usually massive and often contains shelves, cabinets. The best option for such beds, in which their soaring looks most impressive, is the presence of a single central support. It is usually a large area and is located at the intersection of the diagonals of the bed.

Soaring beds for their bedrooms are chosen by those who love everything unusual. Their modern models are well-decorated, comfortable for sleeping, can be a real decoration of the bedroom interior.

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